Podcast: Is the Earth Rare?

This month, our “Beer with BMSIS” podcast features a conversation with Penn State Professor Jim Kasting about the question, Is the Earth Rare?. One of the pioneers of the field of planetary habitability, and author of the book How to Find a Habitable Planet, Dr. Kasting leads a discussion on some of the factors that have been suggested to be necessary for the development of life, complexity, and intelligence. Drawing from his own research, Kasting describes how many of the […]

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Pubs: Galactic Rays and Habitability

A new paper led by Dr. Dimitra Atri explores the effect of galactic cosmic rays on planetary habitability. The paper is titled “Galactic cosmic ray induced radiation dose on terrestrial exoplanets” and is currently in press in the journal Astrobiology. In a new episode of our podcast series “Pubs with BMSIS”, join Brendan Mullen in a conversation with Dimitra about the importance of cosmic rays in both astrobiology and daily life. [listen to the conversation]

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