Thank you for your interest in joining the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science!
A 501(c)3 non-profit science organization committed to cutting-edge research and science communication.

We are actively recruiting motivated, talented and outgoing researchers in disciplines related to Earth System Science and Space Exploration. Please read the following for a description of the benefits, responsibilities and requirements associated with a BMSIS affiliation.

You Are…

  • A scientist with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for public outreach
  • A retired scientist dedicated to mentoring the next generation
  • Submit federal/private grants through BMSIS with a 10% overhead rate and 13.4% fringe rate
  • Option to receive payments as contractor (1099) or employee (W2) – must be legally authorized to work in the United States
  • Group health insurance option (medical & dental)
  • email address
  • Profile on the page
  • Access to premium video conferencing software
  • Internal review of draft manuscripts and proposals by BMSIS scientists
  • Possibilities for working with summer interns (in-person or online)
  • Opportunities to participate in online seminars
  • In-house webinars on special topics for professional and personal development
  • Opportunities to participate in new or existing initiatives
  • Press release of published manuscripts
  • Two letters of recommendation that comment on your commitment to both scientific excellence and public outreach
    • one letter from a current BMSIS scientist
    • one letter from a colleague or mentor not affiliated with BMSIS
  • Copy of current curriculum vitae
  • Statement of interest in joining our community (200-400 words). How would your affiliation with BMSIS inspire creativity in your thinking, problem-solving, or entrepreneurship? What features of your independence in research, outreach, or leadership would enhance our community? What forms of service do you envision to the internal BMSIS community and external public?
  • Outreach statement about your ideas for sharing science with others (100-250 words). Science communication is a core value of the BMSIS community, and we encourage outreach that relate to our broader vision or existing initiatives.
  • Candidates with existing projects that would benefit from our 501(c)(3) non-profit status are particularly encouraged to apply
  • Application material will be distributed to the BMSIS review committee (composed of select BMSIS scientists) for review
  • Candidates will be requested to give a brief oral presentation of their scientific research and educational outreach

Please send this information in an email addressed to: