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2020 – Looking Back, Looking Forward

2019 was a big year for us! Blue Marble Space and the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science marked 10 years of activity in promoting the cooperative exploration of space, examining life as a planetary process, and enabling a sustainable future on Earth. Our BMSIS Scientists and Blue Marble Space’s initiatives and their wonderful affiliates made huge contributions to the betterment of our world through exploration, education, research, and more. As we look forward to 2020 and what the future […]

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One Small Step for Education

Brooke Carruthers is a student at the University of Arizona (UA) and a member of the Kaçar Research Group, headed by BMSIS Scientist Dr. Betül Kaçar. In this guest post, taken from an essay that Carruthers wrote for an advanced course on the foundations of writing at UA, she explores the potential of space sciences education for developing critical thinking and inspiring students. If you are a student, the guardian of a student, or if you have even glanced at […]

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BMSIS Scientist and NASA Take a Cue from Silicon Valley to Hatch Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Could the same computer algorithms that teach autonomous cars to drive safely help identify nearby asteroids or discover life in the universe? NASA scientists are trying to figure that out by partnering with pioneers in artificial intelligence (AI) — companies such as Intel, IBM and Google — to apply advanced computer algorithms to problems in space science.  Machine learning is a type of AI. It describes the most widely used algorithms and other tools that allow computers to learn from […]

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Studying the Climate History of Mars – a new Habitable Worlds grant to BMSIS Scientist Dr. Jacob Haqq-Misra

Dr. Jacob Haqq-Misra of the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science was recently awarded a grant by the NASA Habitable Worlds program to study the climate history of early Mars. This project will draw upon recent geologic discoveries from the ongoing exploration of Mars to understand how Mars was once able to sustain an unfrozen ocean. Dr. Haqq-Misra will collaborate with Dr. Michael Way of NASA GISS in this project, which uses computational models of the Martian climate to calculate […]

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Astronomy and Space School in Mardin

Guest post by Berfin Dağ, one of our current Young Scientist Program (YSP) participants. This summer, Berfin put together and ran a workshop to teach astronomy in her hometown of Mardin, Turkey. Among their activities were lectures on astronomical topics, a hands-on activity to create a star atlas, and public observing nights. I was very excited to teach astronomy this summer in Mardin, the city where I was born and raised, in the heart of Mesopotamia. This idea has been […]

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