Preeti Nema Selected for Science Communication Workshop

Dr. Preeti Nema was selected for Level 2 of the National Workshop for Science Journalism and Science communication for women. The workshop is co-organized by IISER PUNE, Newton Bhabha Fund, and the British council. Fifty women from all over India were selected for Level 1 of the workshop, from with 25 were chosen to advance to Level 2. Level 2 participants will receive mentoring to compete for the Asian Scientist Writing Prize.

Congratulations to Preeti!

Christina Cheung Selected as NASA Outreach Lead

Young Scientist Christina Cheung is now serving as the Space Biosciences Outreach Lead at the NASA Ames Research Center. She is ramping into this duty slowly, as her primary duties for the next few weeks will be supporting the Fruit Fly Lab-2 experiment which is due to launch on SpaceX-11 in mid-May. Following this mission, she will be working half time on Fruit Fly Lab and half time as the Outreach Lead.

Christina Cheung received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of California, Irvine in 2014. Soon after, she moved to San Francisco to join the Hughes-Fulford Lab in the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center as a Staff Research Associate and as a payload scientist for the T-Cell Activation Team that launched their experiment on the SpaceX CRS-5 Mission in Jan 2015. Christina then began her work as a Research Associate in the Bhattacharya Lab at NASA Ames Research Center through Blue Marble Space Institute of Science’s Young Scientist Program where she facilitated the development and optimization of experimental conditions for culturing Drosophila melanogaster in a proprietary prototype by TechShot Inc. In addition, she will be a support scientist on the upcoming Fruit Fly Lab 02 Experiment scheduled to launch on the SpaceX CRS-11 Mission in May 2017. Christina is also passionate about communicating STEM to wide audiences and will provide support to SC in her new role as a public education and outreach specialist.

Ryan Scott Wins Student Research Competition

Young Scientist Ryan T. Scott, working with with Joshua S. Alwood in the Bone and Signaling Lab, recently was selected as a winner of the 2017 San José State University Student Research Competition. Having completed his Masters last year, the next step is one more oral and one more poster presentation at the statewide CSU Student Research Competition in late April, at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. The research was conducted at NASA Ames Research Center, and is entitled, “Zoledronate Prevents Simulated Weightlessness-Induced Bone Loss In The Cancellous Compartment While Blunting The Efficacy Of A Mechanical Loading Countermeasure.” A component of the research was Ryan’s Masters Thesis, which separately has been nominated as SJSU’s ‘Outstanding Thesis’ for 2017.


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